African Studies Research Seminar: Activism and Researching Activism - Protesting Policing in Nigeria

Conveners: Miles Larmer

Speakers: Rinu Oduala (Human Rights advocate, Influencer and community organizer), Cheta Nwanze (political analyst), Kemi Okenyodo (police reform expert), and Abosede George (social historian), chaired by Oliver Owen (University of Oxford).


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The second of our hybrid seminar series on activism in Africa examines activism arising from the violent repression of the EndSARS protests in Nigeria in 2020, focusing attention on repressive police violence in general and the activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in particular: click here for background analysis.

Nigeria’s #ENDSARS protests in October 2020 were a national moment which acquired global resonance; both centred on the concrete police reform and an expression of wider tensions and contradictions; unifying for some and divisive for others; a single issue yet which overlaid numerous local agendas.


To discuss the impact and meaning, we welcome a panel composed of protest activist Rinu Oduala, political analyst Cheta Nwanze, police reform expert Kemi Okenyodo and social historian Abosede George. The panel will be introduced by Olly Owen. 




We have a limited number of seats due to Covid-regulations and only members of the  University may attend in person. As a courtesy to others please wear a mask. Unfortunately we will not be able to admit anyone once capacity has been reached. Those attending in person are asked to carry out a Lateral Flow Test shortly before the seminar: they will be asked to provide evidence of a negative LFT (as a text message or email) as a condition of attendance. As an alternative the seminar can also be accessed via Teams, where it is also open to members of the public.


To join the Seminar via Teams, please click here.