Research Associates

Research Associates


Dr Zoe Cormack

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Maryam Aslany

Wolfson College

Career Development Researcher and Junior Research Fellow

Dr Timothy Clack

Institute of Archaeology and St Peter's College
Research Interests: the perception of African landscapes, human evolutionary environments, and the indigenisation of colonial customs and understandings.
Research Associate ASC
Research interests:  African literature and African popular cultural studies
Editor of the Journal of African Cultural Studies 
Alex Duncan
Senior Research Associate ASC, and Senior Member, St Antony's College
Research interests: development practice and policy in Africa
Research Associate, ASC
Research Interests: masculinity, femininity and conceptions of parenting and the family in contemporary Yoruba Culture; the portrayal and re-enactment of women's individual and collective trauma under military dictatorship in Nigeria; Nigerian pro-democracy activists’ use of media to amplify their voices beyond censorship and propaganda; and the specific postcolonial challenges related to working with archival footage shot in Nigeria. 
Dr Tiziana Morosetti
Research Associate, ASC
Dr Christopher Morton
Research Associate, ASC
Jason Mosley
Research Associate, ASC
Research Interests: the politics of ethnicity and religion in the greater Horn of Africa, the Great Lakes region and Nigeria.
Research Associate, ASC

Research Associate at the ASC 
Research Interests: Southern Ethiopian pastoralists and cultivators of the Omotic Area (covering Gamo, Gofa, Wolaita), Arbore and Konso.

Dr Rui S Verd 

Research Associate at the ASC 

Research Interests: democracy, human rights and fights corruption in Angola.